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The Delancey Street Disappearances

A Bennett & DeMarko Mystery #2

A year has passed since a serial murderer targeted hookers in the neighborhood of PI Harry DeMarko and his new partner Toni Bennett. But something sinister is happening again. Working girls are disappearing from the streets- but there are no bodies to follow, no leads to chase. With no information to base even a theory, much less a case, Harry and Toni grow increasingly frustrated and desperate. From the streets to the police, Mob, FBI, Harry and Toni work every possible angle, getting in deeper and deeper, until their own lives are  at stake. With time running out and danger pouring in, the partners find themselves between a ticking clock and a ticking bomb.

A Bennett & DeMarko Mystery #1

When Harry DeMarko, a former New York City police officer and now-private investigator, is asked by a friend on the force to look into the murder of a hooker close to his apartment he has no idea how dark his world is about to get. When one body becomes several bodies and the suspicion of his former colleagues turns to him, Harry is faced with a tough choice- back off, or keep pushing.

Bleecker Street Bodies


The Mercer

Street Murder

A Bennett & DeMarko Mystery #3

It’s been a long year for Harry DeMarko and Toni Bennett, Private Investigators but the pace shows no signs of slowing down with these cases on the horizon.


When a priest is killed with members of the mob in a drive-by shooting is it a case of wrong place at the wrong time?  His daughter isn’t convinced and hires Harry & Toni to investigate. The trail leads from the morgue to the church to the mob but the deeper they dig, the murkier it becomes. 


Meanwhile, Cheddar, the local pimp, is back with a problem at a porn studio where a few of his girls have been working.  There’s property damage, equipment theft, and physical attacks – it’s clear someone wants the studio out of business.   At the same time, Mr. Dahli, at the local store has an issue with his nephew who is newly arrived in this country.   And it’s only Tuesday...

B & D 03 - Mercer Street.jpg
5x8 Elizabeth Promo Cover.jpg

The Elizabeth Street Epiphany

A Bennett & DeMarko Mystery #4

Once upon a time, everything was perfect. And then it wasn't. 

Toni Bennett’s partner Harry is in jail for a murder he didn’t commit, a former client of theirs. Toni’s first, last, and only priority is to find the evidence necessary to clear his name and set him free. The world, however, has other ideas. 

The mortgage is coming due, the utilities are overdue, she needs to eat, and her liquor store tab is in arrears. In order to keep the business open Toni has to find other work. But every moment spent making money is another moment spent not figuring out who framed Harry. When she finally does have time to work his case it turns out that how they framed him and even who framed him to begin with, aren’t nearly as important as WHY.


The Veiled Earth Book 1

Magic is real. Magic exists. Magic is the single most addictive substance the world has ever seen. A heinous crime has been perpetrated with magic and the only person 
capable of proving it is a derelict magician whose addiction has taken everything he had and left him an empty husk.
With the life of someone she loves hanging in the balance, Vanessa must convince the most dangerous man in the world to return to the very power that nearly destroyed him.

The Veiled Earth 1 - Magician.jpg
The Veiled Earth 2 - Martyr.jpg


The Veiled Earth Book 2

The Earth has been changed. The Veil has been lifted, and the world behind our world stands revealed. It has been forever changed. How and why are mysteries no one understands, save two: the Magician who tore the Veil away, and the Magician who tried to stop it. Valentien Dunne and his apprentices, Michael and Vanessa, have walked further than anyone could ever dream searching for the answers. 

The secrets of the Earth have been Unveiled. Valentien Dunne is gone- only his friends remain to carry on his work. Mike and Vanessa have built a home and taken apprentices of their own to instruct in the ways of magic. But there are more Magicians in the world, and they're coming.


The Veiled Earth Book 3

The Veiled Earth 3 - Savior.jpg

What You Wish For

A Novel

If you could have anything in the world, what would you wish for? Frank Wilmott is a musician in Philadelphia in the 60's, eager to earn his way in the world with his knowledge, talent, and skill. Jan Walker is a bass player, and when she and Frank begin to play together, it seems like a match made in rock and roll heaven. Torn between his loyalty to his family and the undeniable call of the music he loves, Frank is forced to make a choice- keep what he has and count himself lucky, or make a grab for the once-in-a-lifetime chance to have everything he never knew he really wanted.


They're Not New to This

When what should be an easy robbery goes south for Donovan Price, he barely escapes with his life. He is forced to enlist the aid of full-time student and part-time escort Angie Bennett to help save his life. The incident brings them together in a new and unexpected way, with near-tragedy blossoming into a budding relationship. However, before they can explore their new-found feelings, Angie vanishes. When his mob connections turn on him, and his partners looking to do him in, Donovan is against the wall with time running out. He not only has to plan and execute a new heist, but he still has to find the missing Angie. He has only one option, but at least it's one with which he's familiar. After all, he's not new to this, and neither is Angie. They're both Pros.

dirty wings

and Other Stories

A collection of three uncanny tales- Dirty wings, in which a benevolent gentleman rescues a street girl from certain death, but his motivation is suspect at the very least. A husband and wife discover that a long and happy marriage is not without it's secrets in It's Good To Have a Hobby. In Gethsemane, a young reporter stumbles upon the story of a lifetime, but will she live long enough to tell it?

Orphan World

The planet Oberon was originally an Earth colony, but the first wave was the only wave- and the colonists were forced to survive on their own, abandoned by their home world. Nearly five hundred years later that first wave has left only three pockets of humanity on Oberon. Selby Martin is the best hunter in Gorod, and he's being given a job no one would want- he's going to find out what the other villages are up to. Selby Martin is a hunter in Gorod and when the council summons him for a task, at first, it seems like a simple mission. As he learns more about the other villages, Selby realizes that there are plans he doesn't know about, and machinations that he never considered that will turn a simple fact-finding mission into a struggle for survival- for ALL their people.

return fire

Former Lieutenant Elle Evans is a security consultant in New York. She has an office, a secretary, pays taxes, and works hard. When she's not abiding the law, she's working freelance for a mysterious government agent, stealing secrets, causing problems, and occasionally killing people that need it. He latest mission, however, has he doing something she never imagined she'd ever do- go home again. As the job begins to unravel, she's getting shot at, chased, and even going out on a date with her high school sweetheart, and wondering which is worse. She has only a short amount of time to figure out how to stay alive, finish her mission, and get the hell out of Arizona. She could run, sure, or hide, but when they're shooting at you from all directions, there's a lot of things you could do, but only one thing you SHOULD do.

the other side of the atmosphere

Stories of Near Space

The collected Near Space short stories. Seven tales of adventure, romance, and excitement to spur the imagination and induce dreams of travel beyond the thin shell of Earth's atmosphere to the future home of mankind.

The Long Way Home

Elise Rosemonde called Mercury home, despite the embargo placed on the planet and everyone on it by Earth. She has a ship, she has a job, and she has Starr, her partner, lover, and friend. 

When Starr, a wanted man, is captured by the Navy, Elise does the only thing she can- she goes after him. The rescue attempt goes poorly, and Elise is no longer a private citizen but a convicted felon, sentenced to the worst possible punishment she can imagine. Earth. 

She loses everything she held dear. Starr, her ship, even Mercury. Someone played her like an instrument, and used her emotions against her, and she wants to find out who, and why.


Sometimes you've got it coming. That's what the townspeople of Huachuca, Arizona said after the local chapter of the Reapers Motorcycle Club was massacred. More than thirty people- patched members, prospects, wives, and girlfriends- left to die in the summer sun of Arizona in 1966.

Joshua 'Nomad' Callaghan rolls into nearby Jericho five years later. A Reaper without a home, a man with a grim past and an uncertain future. Fiercely devoted to his club, Nomad longs for a permanent home, brothers to count on, and an end to his wandering. As he digs into the Huachuca slaughter, the few clues he finds only deepen the puzzle. An entire chapter is gone. No answers, no leads. Whether it was revenge, retribution, or simply bad luck, in Nomad's mind it's only one thing: unforgivable.

Blue Sail A.jpg

Blue Sail

The Iron Age of Piracy: Book 1

In the crystal waters of the Caribbean sea, a predator stalks unwary merchant ships.
The notorious pirate Piter Vierling freely plunders these and other vessels. Possessed of the ability to hide in plain sight, Vierling and his crew are challenged on the open sea. In Port Royal, Jamaica, a British captain is entreated to stop him. Armed with a new type of warship, Captain Iago Haken undertakes to stop Vierling once and for all.
Royal engineer Gwendolyn Sweet, the designer of Haken's wondrous new vessel, is overseeing the maiden voyage of her creation.
As the confrontation draws closer, each of them will be changed in ways they could never suspect.
And so will their world.
The Golden Age of Piracy is over.
The Iron Age of Piracy has only just begun.

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