May 29, 2015

Writer’s block.

Uh… wait. I.. I KNOW I had something for this.

That’s a writer’s joke. Ha.

WARNING- This post is HIGHLY subjective. My opinions are my own, yours are yours. But here’s my two cents.

Writer’s block is an inability to think of the first word. And the second....

May 24, 2015

This one is a personal affectation rather than an actual tip because it’s highly subjective. But hey, my blog, my rules. Today’s tip is this:

Always open on an action beat.

All the best stuff I’ve written opens in the middle of some kind of action beat. I opened a short...

May 12, 2015


It’s all about the characters. Are they tall? Short? What color is their hair? Do they limp? Have scars? Are they orphans? Are they secretly gay? Are they openly gay? Are they straight but keep getting hit on by their own sex? Do they have a lot of payments l...

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March 21, 2020

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