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Gearing up

I’ve got Pros polished and ready for the ABA. Now I’m starting the final polish on Magician for the Writer’s League agent contest. If i win that one, i’ll get a one-on-one with an agent in June at the conference here in Austin to discuss the pros and cons, the merits and flaws, and have a chance to pitch my book to them.

Big stuff.

And Ballot Press still has Return Fire. So that’s three books that are out there, doing something. And my story Repo gets published in April in Analog.

This is my year.

I’m full-court-pressing to get my career in writing going. I’m going to saturate the market with my stories and books, bombard agents and publishers with my info, books, and, stories, see what I can do. And if I can’t make a go of it…


Well, I’ll keep going. Obviously I can’t stop. Ever. I’ve still got The Long Way Home to finish editing and send off to several Scifi publishing houses, and of course, my big one, the Great American Novel, What You Wish For is still there.

Mainstream fiction. Heavy Duty Literature. I never thought I’d have written a book like that, but there it is. And it’s a good one.

Yep. This is my year.

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