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ProAm Tips #7

May 29, 2015

Writer’s block.

Uh… wait. I.. I KNOW I had something for this.

That’s a writer’s joke. Ha.

WARNING- This post is HIGHLY subjective. My opinions are my own, yours are yours. But here’s my two cents.

Writer’s block is an inability to think of the first word. And the second. And the third. And so on. It’s not a block of creativity. If you’re a writer, you’re creative. You don’t STOP being creative. You stop writing. You freeze at the keyboard. You can’t organize your thoughts. You can’t get your hands to make words.

For me, writer’s block stopped being an issue when I realized this truth. I’m still creative. I’m still making up worlds. People. Situations. It’s putting them on paper (or an LCD) that’s the issue. So here’s the truth-

All pumps need priming. (Shut up. Self-priming pumps still fit the definition). You need a little flow to gett he big flow going.

Writing is a purely physical act, whether you’re using a pen, a keyboard, a chalk, or a recorder. (I tried to dictate once… it was weird. I started to talk to myself. That wasn’t weird. The arguing was. I have issues. Shut up.)

You need to prime your pump (that sounded way dirtier than it is.) by introducing a little flow. So introduce a little flow. Get your hands moving. Keep your brain out of it. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Despite being a somewhat unoriginal sign of obsessive-compulsiveness (Kubrick demanded REAL typed pages, hundreds of them, for The Shining. And in the foreign language versions, he demanded hundreds of legitimate, foreign language pages. He was insane. But I bet those typists didn’t have trouble making the words move.) The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy sleeping dog. Now is the time for every good boy to come to the aid of his country.

Sit down, and start writing. Reread the last two pages of your manuscript if it helps you, but you don’t need it. Just start writing. Get your fingers moving. Get words coming out of you. Here’s a big secret:


Just get them going. Get your mind right. Get your fingers moving. Get going. Write. Write. Write. You’re a writer, you need to write.

It doesn’t matter. Just write. I promise, if you just type, or scribble, or dictate long enough, you WILL find your happy place.