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Because what's down time?

“New York City, 1980. Almost a year has passed since a serial murderer targeted hookers in the Bowery neighborhood of Private Investigator Harry DeMarko and his new partner Toni Bennett. It’s been a quiet year, but something sinister is happening again. Working girls are disappearing from the streets- only this time, there are no bodies to follow, no leads to chase.

With no information upon which to base even a theory, much less a case, Harry and Toni grow increasingly frustrated and desperate.

When the kidnapping escalates and three, four, and then five girls go missing, Toni and Harry know they need to get creative- before it’s too late.

From the streets to the police, from the police to the Mob, from the Mob to the FBI, Harry and Toni work every possible angle, getting in deeper and deeper, until their own lives are as much at stake as the girls they’re hired to find.

With time running out, pressure, and danger pouring in from every direction, the partners find themselves between a ticking clock, and a ticking bomb.”

The Delancey Street Disappearances is the second book in the Bennett & DeMarko series that began with The Bleecker Street Bodies, and will be available tomorrow.

I’m going to run a free promotion for the first five days, but it won’t start until the day after it goes live. If you can’t wait, buy a copy, tell your friends to buy a copy, tell your family to buy a copy.

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