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2017. Ugh

First off, 2016 can bite my shiny metal ass. And it couldn’t even go out quietly. Had to grab one last one at the end, didn’t it? Father Mulcahey from MASH died on the very last day of the year. (I’m sure thousands of other people did, too, but he’s the one I knew more or less personally.)

Well, it was a tumultuous year. I don’t need to tell you; if you’re reading this, you know. If you weren’t born yet, you aren’t reading this. (I dunno… maybe the next evolutionary step instead of no appendix is that kids are now born with built-in wifi.)

I wrote and released a couple books last year. I wrote a couple more. I’m looking at a release in 2017 of… I’ll go ahead and say 8 new books, as well as re-editing and re-releasing all 12 of the ones’ I’ve already done, with better line editing and nicer covers. So, that’s gonna happen.

I’ll be releasing more ProAm tips this year, telling you my opinions (at length) on the craft. And other things might happen. I’m crazy. I’ll do it.

In case you can’t get enough, here’s some ways to keep in touch.

I have a twitter feed in which I assault the world with my ramblings. @asgallagher2011

I have a facebook page you can ‘like’ if you want to keep abreast of my blog. This one, mainly, but also other stuff. ASGallagher

I have an Amazon author page on which you can find all my published writings. Asgallagher’s author page.

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