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ProAm Tip #29 - WHY I BLOG

September 29, 2017

It was recently brought to my attention that, as a blogger, I’m pretty much a failure. At least, I’m a failure in that I didn’t make it clear, maybe, about who I am, what I’m doing, or even why. Also, I failed to explain what a ‘ProAm’ is, or why you all should even care. And that as a blogger, I kinda sorta sound a little… to put it delicately… like a gigantic egotist.


All of which is a little hurtful.  And all of which is NOT wrong. Not even a little.


So. I’ve been doing this in a kind of absent-minded way for a long time, and I forgot that I’m not really writing these for myself. I’m writing about writing to connect with writers, readers, and like-minded people in an effort to promote good writing, enjoyment of reading, and maybe even sell a few books.


Yeah, I’ve got the self-interest angle. That doesn’t mean I’m not full of good stuff to say.


Trust me: I’m full of it.


The short version: my name is Aaron S Gallagher. I’m a writer. Most people who write say that. Except in my case, it’s kind of the only thing I’m any good at. I’m certainly not a people person, and I’m not a mathematically inclined person, nor am I particularly logical, or even relatable. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out I register on the autism scale, to be honest, I have ADD and ADHD. Not to mention I like to make up people and places and things and they fill my head, so I’m usually talking to be heard over the noise of all the worlds crowded into my own head, which I’m sure some of you can relate to.


Ahem. I did say short version.


So, let’s make that point one: I talk. A lot. Like, a LOT.


Point two: this series is called ProAm Tips. ProAm stands for ‘professional amateur.’ That’s what I am. I’m by no means new at writing. I’m not a professional (The delineation is, I suspect, that professionals get paid to do what they do. I don’t.) writer. I’m a dedicated amateur. I’m not a master of language and style and prose. I’ll never claim to be. What I am is a writer who’s been writing for close to forty years. I’ve learned a few t