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My Favorite Scene from The Mercer Street Murders

August 10, 2018

I open every book with a different action beat. This is my favorite scene in the book because it encapsulates the quality of the relationship between Harry and Toni so well. After two books, Toni isn’t watching from the sidelines anymore, she’s applying what Harry has taught her and she’s running with it. She doesn’t have his quiet reserve; she’s wilder than he is, high on adrenaline and the excitement of what they do. Harry’s a little more calculating, or he likes to think so. Toni is brand new to their world, bouncing around like a great big puppy, not entirely sure what’s going on, but happy to be involved.


I also started the book with that happy-go-lucky feel on purpose, because of the nasty turn it takes later on, and to counterpoint the… shall we say… dramatic way the book concludes.





The yellow silk blouse ended in a tastefully ragged line just above her navel. The skirt rode high on thighs wrapped in fishnet stockings with artful holes torn into them. Ankle-high leather boots added three inches to her modest height. She carried two full shot glasses and sipped from each to keep from spilling them. She scanned the crowded floor, spotting her man.


His pink hair spiked high in three horns above a brutal-looking face, all slabs and angles and indolent curves. He thrashed and slammed back and forth in the packed dance floor. He was easily six-and-a-half feet tall, his aggressive snarl visible above the throng of faces.


She had no trouble getting his attention, elbowing two other women out of the way, and holding up a shot. Dexter Harris took the glass with a grin. She toasted him and knocked her shot back like medicine, heaving the glass behind the stage where it shattered. The lead singer ducked and never missed a word. Dexter grinned at her and tossed his empty over his shoulder into the crowd.


“What’s your name, girl?” he yelled, bending down to brush her ear with his lips.